We May See A Winter Like Never Before

We May see a Winter Like Never Before….

Most industries have their really good quarters during the year, such as toy sales October, November and December is the best quarter of the year.  With that being said spring is usually the best months to buy and sell a home.  
Since the pandemic the best season last year was October thru January.  This year seems it is following last years trend.  Last year saw the only thing holding the market back was the limited supply of homes for sale
What About this Winter?
Experts thought we’d return to the old pattern, with the number of purchasers and houses on the market slowing down.  However, data now shows that neither of those are true.
Buyers are still looking hard to purchase and it seems that sellers are taking advantage of the stronger seller market still.
Buyer Demand is Still Going Strong
Showing Index which tracks the average number of monthly showings of available homes,
Is indicating buyer activity somewhat less than last year but much higher than the last three years prior.
Buyer activity for newly constructed homes is at its peak.  The only question heading into this winter is where number of listings available could come close to meeting buyer demand. We may have just received the answer to that question.
With Sellers anxious to list their houses now, instead of spring due to the sellers market.

Some of the homeowners planning to enter the market next year:

  • 65% – Have just listed (19%) or plan to list this winter
  • 93% – Have already taken steps toward listing their home, including working with an agent (28%)
  • 36% – Have researched the value of their home and others in their neighborhood
  • 36% – Have started making repairs or decluttering

 Sellers wanting to move this report also discusses the reasons:

  • 33% – Have realized they want different home features
  • 37% – Say their home no longer meets their family’s needs
  • 32% – Want to move closer to friends and family
  • 23% – Are looking for a home office
Research shows the supply of inventory is about to increase. They say this could be a winter real estate market like never before.
If you’re thinking of buying or selling, now is the time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a real estate professional in your market, as things are about to change in an unexpected way.

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