Selling Your House? Make Sure You Price It Right.

Selling Your House? Make Sure You Price It Right.

There is no denying we’re in a sellers' market. With low inventory and high buyer demand, homes today are selling above the asking price at record levels! According to recent surveys from NAR: Homes typically sell within 17 days (compared to 26 one year ago). The average home sold has five offers with 54% being over their initial bid-ask spread . And remember when you have multiple bids just waiting for your response - it might be time consider accepting an offer instead of letting them battle each other out while trying desperately not lose top position.

Home prices are skyrocketing, and bidding wars have become the norm. With so many buyers competing for such a small number of homes on the market - an average projection by leading experts shows that they will increase this year 8.9%. Yet even though today's red hot sellers' market may make it tempting to price your house at its peak value in order capitalize on these trends- doing so could limit you potential buyer pool if taken too far
However there is one way around this problem; be sure not only list all available properties but also post information about any future open houses or sales events where interested parties can schedule appointments with specific listing agents who represent each property being sold.

Why Pricing Your House Right Matters

A high price tag doesn’t mean you're going to make a killing on the sale. You may have higher costs, and buyers will be deterred by it if they can't afford your asking price or there's an issue with financing. A lot of people also worry about getting robbed when buying from someone who has one over their house - this could increase risk in potential customers which would lead them down another path until finding out more information before committing themselves fully into anything at all.

When you price your house right, that's when more buyers will come calling. You see the value in beautifully-priced properties and start to seek them out for yourself because there’s no better feeling than knowing someone else wants what we do too!
A bidding war is only going increase with competition like this; it creates a situation where one buyer might be able take all or part ownership of our home - whichever they prefer at time sale agreement expires (usually 30 days).

Bottom Line

Working with a local real estate professional is essential when it comes to pricing your home. Let’s connect so we can optimize exposure, timeline and return on investment too!

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