Sellers: Is Your House an Oasis for Buyers Seeking More Options?

Sellers: Your House Could Be an Oasis for Buyers Seeking More Options

The recent increase in home sales is a great opportunity for buyers and sellers to take advantage of the market. The National Association of Realtors has shown that there are only 2 months worth median housing inventory, putting this into perspective as an active marketplace where competition can be fierce!
This data reflects today's real estate climate; we saw last year’s levels trending lower than those seen currently which makes selling your house all-the more valuable now because you won't have many competitors looking at it like hotcakes before someone else takes their shot first.

House hunters are thirsty for options, but they have to go miles out of their way just because there is a limited supply. You can create that oasis by holding an auction and letting buyers battle it out in your current market! With the number 3.8 offers on average per property this year according to National Assocation Realtor's latest survey, don't let someone else winnow down potential bidders - make them take all or leave none at all!

Bottom Line

When you list your house this fall, make sure it stands out. This is the best time for buyers of all types to see what’s New and Improved! Let me show how I can help get them through that Desert oasis-of-options with some expert selling skills .

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