Reasons You Should Consider Selling This Fall

Reasons You Should Consider Selling This Fall

You may be looking at the perfect time to sell your home. The ultimate buyers' market we're in today won't last forever, so now might be a better chance than ever before! Here are four reasons why it would make sense for you list with an agent sooner rather than later:

1. Your House Will Likely Sell Quickly

According to the Realtors Confidence Index released by NAR, homes are selling quickly - on average they're in just 17 days. As a seller this is great news for you!

- The longer it takes between submitting an offer and receiving counteroffers from other buyers during that time frame means there’s less competition amongst interested parties which increases chances at getting your property sold when compared against recent sales data compiled by national real estate organizations such as Zillow® Homes listing information including price ranges median transaction prices etcetera

2. Buyers Are Willing To Compete for Your House

In addition to selling quickly, homes are currently receiving multiple offers. That same survey shows sellers seeing an average of 4.5 bids on their properties and they’re competitive ones too! The graph below represents how this compares with numbers from previous years:

Buyers today know that bidding wars are a likely outcome and they’re coming prepared with their best offer in hand. Receiving several offers on your house means you can select the one which makes sense for both financial well-being as well as personal situation, because we all have different priorities when making such an important decision!

3. When Supply Is Low, Your House Is in the Spotlight

There’s a shortage of homes for sale and buyers are feeling the pressure as inventory lags near-record lows. With more people looking to buy but less available properties, it is imperative that you take this into account before making your decision on what house will best suit all parties involved in terms both practicality (cost) as well emotional satisfaction with location etc.,
The housing market has been steadily improving since bottoming out during The Great Recession which means we're getting closer every day towards reaching prerecession levels - where things were going mad fast! In fact just last year thousands upon thousands found new life again thanks largely due at least partly by technological advancements such be cell phones replacing landlines so they could talk.

If you want to get ahead of the competition and take advantage of buyer demand, selling your house before more listings come onto market might be for you.

4. If You’re Thinking of Moving Up, Now May Be the Time

The perfect time to move is now. With growing equity and low mortgage rates, you can own your dream home at an affordable price with some work on the side! But these near historic levels won’t last forever - so act fast while there are still opportunities left in this market for today's buyers.

Experts forecast interest rates will rise. In their latest report, Freddie Mac says: “While we expect a gradual increase in the future and while there is no current indication or evidence that would trigger an early signal for higher borrowing costs." When this happens to you - even modestly- it could have huge implications not just on your monthly payments but also how much money consumers have left over after they pay off their loan(s).

Bottom Line

Don't let the perfect opportunity to sell your house pass by. The combination of housing supply challenges, low mortgage rates and extremely motivated buyers gives sellers a unique chance this season! If you're thinking about making a move...let's chat about why it makes sense for me to list now so we can get on with moving into our next chapter together!

Don’t delay any longer - there are only limited listings available as well as compelling reasons why listing early is worth considering before its too late

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