Real Estate Professionals Are Experts at Keeping You Safe When You Sell

Keeping You Safe When You Sell

For the last two years real estate professionals have worked tirelessly to to ensure the safety of buyers and sellers during the pandemic. If you teetering back and forth on whether now is a good time to sell your house this year rest assured we take all necessary precautions.

The real estate industry has changed drastically over the years. The old ways of doing things are no longer sufficient to keep up with all changes that occur on a regular basis - which means agents need more than just salesmanship and marketing skills when they go out into public! These days, professionals know how important safety is for every step in buying or selling property; even something as simple-looking demographics can make an enormous difference later down line (think about nearby crime rates).

Real Estate Advisors Stay Current on Guidance for In-Person Showings

Agents don’t leave your health up to chance. They follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to ensure in-person showings are safe. NAR maintains industry-specific resources to ensure agents are informed on the latest recommendations and best practices.

Guidance from the CDC also equips real estate professionals with the know-how to employ sanitization and disinfectant measures during the health crisis, so they’re safe for you and your potential buyers.

Digital Tools Can Enhance Your Home Sale

In addition, agents are also well versed in using technology and digital tools to sell your home efficiently. In their guidance for realtors, NAR says:

“The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting members in unprecedented ways, and raises numerous unique and novel issues for the real estate industry.”

In a world where real estate is becoming more and more popular, there has been an increase in safety precautions for agents. This can be attributed to the fact that restrictions on who you interact with during your sale process should keep everyone safe from harm’s way while also reducing potential stressors such as long distances or high traffic areas near homes being sold. Fortunately we live in today's technology-driven society so solutions like Virtual Open Houses allow clients access 24/7; Tours provide group transport options around properties they may want attention drawn towards them specifically because of visibility issues.

The health challenges we face today have fundamentally changed the way real estate professionals conduct business for the better. Let’s connect today so you have the latest tools on your side to feel safe and confident when you sell your house this year.

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