Housing Challenge or Housing Opportunity? It Depends.

The housing market is in a crisis. The lack of available homes for sale is causing the appreciation rate to skyrocket, and many homeowners are feeling left out or priced out because they can't find their dream house anywhere near affordable enough within these tight prices .
The number crunchers at Forbes have calculated that there are only 2 months worth - not even half-way decent odds if you want something stable with plenty space! As seen through this graph below which was compiled by Zillow--our economy isn’t doing too well either since inventory levels haven't exceeded 10 years low according most economists' expectations when calculating what would happen after particular periods end (which happens here).

The Opportunity

The housing market is booming! Homeowners are reaping the benefits of a lack of supply by driving up prices. But this presents challenges for buyers, who have grown frustrated in their search and on one hand it's wonderful because low-cost homes mean higher values too - so if you're thinking about selling just wait until your house starts skyrocketing soon enough.

This article talks about how even though new home construction isn't at its peak yet there are still many mortgages being approved which means that people with good credit can get loans contingent upon them being able to find something within reasonable distance from where they live right now or maybe buy another property altogether depending on what you can find.

With interest rates as low as they are today, many homeowners find themselves in a position where it makes sense for them to sell and take advantage of any equity.

Bottom Line

There is a shortage of homes on the market, but this golden opportunity can help you realize your selling dreams. Let’s connect and start looking today!

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