Homeownership for Long term returns

Homeownership is an investment that provides great long-term returns. This study proves it!

LendingTree.com asked Americans what they thought was the most important reason for purchasing a home instead of renting, and many people said it's because owning something gives you more freedom in terms of where your space can go or how much customization is needed. In addition to this flexibility not being available when living somewhere temporarily, homeownership offers an even greater sense stability too! 41% also mentioned having wealth built up from monthly mortgage payments over time as one big incentive why buying might make sense - especially since there are other options out there like taking on student debt which don't seem quite so good right now.

Homeownership is a great way to build your net worth. Here are some experts who agree with this statement and what they say on the matter:
"The home you own has been called 'the most significant asset in America' by Harvard economist George S Calvin." - Professor Robert Shiller "A person's dwelling can have an outsized effect not only on their financial stability but also how happy he/she feels," writes fellow professor Andrew Sherriff-Pokropek of Edinburgh University’s School Of Architecture And Design In Scotland Today article “What Home Means To Us".

The recent housing market has been crazy. A person who bought a typical single-family home 30 years ago at the median sales price of $103,333 with ten percent down payment loan and sold it for considerably more than they originally paid demonstrates how profitable this strategy can be over two decades!

“The major financial advantage of homeownership is the accumulation of equity in the form of house price appreciation. . . . We won’t always have 17% house price appreciation, but we have to take into account the fact that the shelter that you’re owning is an equity-generating or wealth-generating asset.

There are many ways to leverage the wealth you generate throughout your life. One way is by tapping into accumulated equity and using it for various purposes, such as paying down mortgage principal each month or participating in long-term appreciation of homes prices - this can help build up retirement funds that will be available when needed most!

Tapping Into Accumulated Equity To Pay For Education Costs Is A Popular Choice Among US Homeowners

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to become the proud owner of your own home in coming years, now is a great time. Let's connect so I can help get you started on this amazing journey!

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