Homebuyers Are Going on a Shopping Spree This Winter

~Homebuyers Are Going on a Shopping Spree This Winter~

Since the pandemic began, Americans have reevaluated the meaning of the word home. That’s led some renters to realize the many benefits of homeownership, including the feelings of security and stability and the financial benefits that come with rising home equity.

Today's real estate market is already heating up. Buyers have warmed up to the idea of purchasing this winter. Experts anticipate the market to flurry with activity this season.

Research from Freddie Mac shows 28% of all households (36.1 million) are sole-person, and that number is growing.Our calculation suggests that there will be an additional 5 million sole-person households in the United States by the next decade.

Lawrence Yun from National Association of Realtors.

"The past 18 months has shown significant lifestyle changes for many of us. This winter, there will be more sales compared to pre-pandemic winters going back all the way to 2006.” 

While it doesn’t have to be a big challenge, getting your new home on your own. If you lean on the professionals, they can help you navigate these waters and make sure you’re able to take advantage of the great opportunities in today’s housing market (like low mortgage rates) to buy your dream home.

It’s important to find out your score so you know where it falls. If you’re not sure if it’s strong enough or where to focus your energy to improve it, meet with a professional for expert advice on your individual situation.

"lenders will be looking at just one credit profile: yours. Needless to say, it has to be in great shape. It is always a good idea to review your credit report beforehand, and this is especially true of solo buyers.” According to Investopedia

Bottom Line

There are clear steps to end up with your next home. Having a guide to those steps takes the edge off and help you with the correct decisions.  We try bring you the latest figures on what the market is doing, for informed decisions.

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